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The Sunyaev Lab is a computational genomics laboratory at Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School and Division of Genetics, Brigham & Women's Hospital. The primary focus of research in the lab is on genetic variation, including the biology and evolution of mutation, the effect of variation on molecular function and structure, population genetics as a lens on evolution, and the maintenance and allelic architecture of complex traits. We develop computational and statistical methods for sequencing studies. We also have projects in cancer genomics and applied human genetics. The lab encompasses a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and interests spanning these topics.

We are involved in the following graduate programs:

We participate in:

Sunyaev Lab intranet (login required)

Recent Sunyaev Lab social events: BBQ at Shamil's place, Spring 2023

Vegan-friendly dinner at Koshari Mama, Spring 2022

Walden Pond, Fall 2021

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